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Sketch for Designers

A growing collection of the best Sketch resources


25+ Growth Hacks (Updated for 2018)

Drip Scripts

Create automated email sequences in 60 seconds

Icons 8 UI Sounds

Lifetime supply of sounds for a UX designer

Uploadcare 3.0

File API for the modern web


A smart portable air purifier for your personal space

Detour Platform

Create your own location-based audio experience 🎧


Mine cryptocurrencies from your laptop or smartphone.

Bonsai Expenses

Simple & automated expense tracking for busy freelancers


The open-source Trello-like kanban

Old Man's Journey

A game about life, loss and hope.


Your personal portable laser engraver

RaiseMe for iOS

Get college scholarships in HS. Now on the App Store.

Lionshare for iOS

Simple cryptocurrency price & portfolio monitor, now for iOS


Your open source private space (Evernote alternative) 🐢

Lampix - Intelligent, interactive tabletop AR is here

Powered by People. Built on Blockchain.

Twitter Interactions

See all your interactions 💬 with other Twitter🐦 users

Winnie Parenting Communities

Connect with informed parents on a variety of topics

Digital and Computer Arts

Stories behind your favorite projects and designers

Kite AI

Solving online harassment for iOS

The community for marketers

Futuramo Visual Tickets

Requests, feedback and ideas shared visually

Comic Sans Everything

Chrome Extension that turns all website font to Comic Sans

ΞTHEREST Ethereum Contract API

Explore and interact with Ethereum contracts

Coin Ticker

Bitcoin, altcoin tracker & portfolio

VideoAmigo: Vital Statistics

Study any social media channel against category competitors


Your voice-enabled cooking companion

CloudQA 2.0

Codeless & reliable web test automation tool


Geo-spatial intelligence platform.


Create and play games for a retro fantasy computer


Mobile ordering at the airport