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I Wish There Was An App For

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History Search

Your filesystem for the web

Simple Analytics

Simple, clean, and privacy-friendly analytics 📊

Fathom Analytics PRO

Simple, privacy-focused website analytics

ProfitWell Engagement

Free product usage analytics for teams who care about growth

Flow for iOS

Beautiful mobile task & project management

Hourly Rate Calculator

Find out your ideal hourly rate

Islands V2

Slack for college

Enterprise Design Sprints by DesignBetter.Co

Spark collaborative innovation at companies big and small

RescueTime for Mobile

Automatically track screen time and build better habits


Build a community around your product

Street Food Mapper

A web app for searching food trucks in real-time.


Everything you need to quit smoking, delivered in a kit

Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway

Serve your own content hosted on IPFS from a custom domain


Feedback management for product teams


Compare prices of the same product across all Amazon locales

Email Academy

Improve your email style, email anybody 💌

Lattice Engagement

Engagement surveys combined with performance data


A pocket-sized 3-axis smartphone gimbal 📱


Curated gift boxes for special the people in your life

Xara Cloud

The simplest design tool for business documents


In-house convenience stores, by WeWork members.

Aave Pocket

Program IBAN accounts and virtual debit cards

Sigstr Pulse

AI that quantifies every relationship in your business.


Get matched with jobs you want


Powered Clothing integrating apparel and robotics


Simplistic quotes app for your Chrome browser.


The supercharged development platform for custom tools


A fast-paced AR drawing game with friends