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UI Jar

Hand-picked design inspiration for your real life projects

Musixmatch 7.0

The all-new lyrics app — completely redesigned

Venture Stories

A new podcast taking you inside the world of venture capital

Factory Confirm by Sourcify

Find trustworthy Alibaba suppliers using Chrome

Final Cut Pro X

A more powerful take on post-production.


Turn website visitors into Facebook Messenger subscribers


Ship products instead of renaming layer groups


Immersive travel guide, like Tinder but for places

Venture360's Startup Fundraising Tool

An all-in-one DIY fundraising solution for launch to exit

SiteStacks for Firefox

Simple Firefox extension for advanced tech lookup of any URL Cryptocurrency

One-stop-shop for those interested in cryptocurrencies.


Make karaoke out of any song with AI powered vocal remover

Water Garden

A self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic herbs on top!


WordPress themes / plugins / services curated.


Find and compare ticket prices for any upcoming concerts 🔍💰

If You Had Bought Crypto

How rich would you be if you invested in Crypto?


Open source Disqus clone for static websites

LetsLunch 2.0

Eat with startups, discover hidden jobs 👔


Make any faucet touchless and automatic


Do Things with People Nearby

Personalized Image Search from EyeEm

Train AI to find on-brand photos


Make your office ambience particular


Easily raise money for charity using Slack

Written Down

Your journal everywhere you go

Bundle Phobia

Find the cost of adding a npm package to your bundle

Genius Story

Your favorite Genius lyrics as Instagram Stories

Dynamic Land

Where every scrap of paper has the capability of a computer