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The App

Faster, more private internet by Cloudflare, now on mobile

Open Habits

An app to help you build new habits

Emoji Builder

Create your own emoji in no time 💨

Descript 2.0

Near-perfect transcription, edit audio/video by editing text (beta)

Build progressive websites with simple drag'n'drop 🚀 for iOS

Where software developers grow


Save, organize and share ideas from all your apps


All the essentials for product designers 🎨


Personalized sounds to help you focus and relax


Speed dating, but for games 🎮❤️


Host a Live Q&A Show and Get Paid 💸


Prank your friends with fake wiki articles.

WhatsHash 2.0

Add super powers to your WhatsApp ⚡


Simplified requests and approvals management for team

The Business of Fashion

Authoritative analysis on the global fashion industry

Sticker Studio for WhatsApp

Create your own personal stickers for WhatsApp


Make plans with text-based RSVPs

Dailead (Pre-launch)

Daily qualified leads for your Business

Scheme iOS Wireframe Kit

Collection of 270+ layouts for iOS prototyping

Testcafe Studio

An end-to-end web testing visual editor 🛠️

Conicoin Wallet

Simple and secure wallet for Ethereum & ERC20 tokens



Audio Playr

Audio playback, playlists and export simplified


World's most advanced true wireless earbuds 🎧