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How-To Story Creator

The simple creator tool for ‘how-to’ stories

Never-ending Book of Ideas

An everlasting gobstopper but replace gobstopper with ideas

Employee onboarding checklist

A checklist to successfully onboard new employees


The symbol to speech app for children with autism

Product Jobs

Free job board for finding product management roles 2.0

Platform for sales and support in messengers

The Pixel Challenge

Build impactful daily habits and transform your life


The keto and low-carb food search engine


Short, erotic stories made by women for women.


A customer research platform for product teams


A toolkit for running better meetings

AttendanceBot 2.0

Time & attendance tracking for distributed teams 2.0

Simple all-in-one to-do list app for tasks and projects.

Connection Flow Arrows

Create connected arrows for sitemaps & user flows in Sketch

This Startup Does Not Exist

Refresh to get a new, fake startup every time


Powerfull digital contact management platform

Brex for Ecommerce

Interest-free financing for ecommerce


Trust strongDM to manage an engineers access to everything


A new UI for pomodoro timers


A steps app that promotes some competition

Coin Market Manager

Smart accurate, crypto portfolio coin tracking software.

Zero SRF Electric Motorbike

A new electric motorbike made in California

Fitlink for Business

Create a fit and healthy workplace culture

Portal Spaces

Virtual reality meetings for remote teams


See the time of sunrise and sunset all around the world.

Grapple Bear

Fun physics-based platformer, all hand-drawn art and levels.

Tinder Spring Break

See whos going to spring break before you get there

Pandora Stories

Curate playlists and mixtapes with commentary


What's Trending In Your Favourite Topics of Interest


Make moving home quick and painless


Find places with good food. Who cares about everything else.


helps you to track time zones of your people.

Harmonious Studio

Hand-craft music to match your content


Portioned eats from local restaurants delivered.