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The coding app for beginners by Google


A live design output that integrates with code editor

Amazon Blueprints

Create your own Alexa Skill in minutes


Student discounts on tech


Your 4 am friend and life coach in an anonymous AI bot

Amazing Marvin

Customizable task manager and day planner

Quickey Tab for Chrome

The fastest way to launch websites—with custom hotkeys ⚡️⌨️

Always Be Pitching

Curated pitch videos

My TouchBar My Rules (MTMR)

Customize your touch bar as you want it


A fast, lite, and private mobile browser by Amazon


Invest your spare change into crypto and other assets 💸


Introduce two people via email without the hassle


Recruiting and candidate sourcing made easy


A private digital currency

Paperback by Tablo

Publish in eBook & Paperback to every bookshop in the world

Story Stork

A simple and fun plot outline tool for fiction writers.

Hourly Exercise

A simple, time-friendly app for working out/being healthy

SideCI V.2

GitHub Integrated Automated Code Review Service


Messaging with blockchain identity and user controlled data

Animator Studio

A simple & free, beautiful animator for all photos and ads

Foundersuite Investor CRM for iOS

Take your investor funnel on the go. Rock your round.

Ethereum Name Service

Like DNS, but for Ethereum wallet addresses

Waves Insights

Consumer Insights SDK for Messaging Platforms

Coherence 6 Beta for macOS

Turn websites into Chrome-based apps on your Mac.


Turn your cryptocollectibles into unique, physical goods


Watch NBA in your menubar

Vaustil Primero

The world's smartest grill

Project Studio

Plan and organize your tasks in an innovative way

Weightroom Workout Tracker

A free social workout tracker for iOS

Project Lume

Explore your 3D Data in VR ⚡️

Emma on Atlantic

The first children’s book co-written by AI.


A complete, beautiful appointment booking tool for WordPress

Whip Around

Better fleet vehicle inspections (DVIR) from your phone


Collect & trade digital stickers, cards, GIFs & 3D figures


Connecting users in Conference Communities & while Traveling


Fitness at your fingertips. Live fitness classes.